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We are a group of people who have loved being part of an industry providing facilities and infrastructure to meet the needs of its customers, users and society at large.


We are experienced individuals from differing parts of the construction community who have enjoyed enough of the best of what the industry has to offer to want that to become the norm for everyone.  We are natural collaborators who seek the input of others because our experience tells us that the best ideas follow when all the perspectives are available, and we have learned that people who have been involved in development are more committed to solutions and more prepared to take ownership of any problems and issues that could undermine the outcomes; plus the solutions are better, more realistic, more achievable and cheaper to delivery and operate. 


Having tried various approaches during our careers, we have realised that a new way of working is required if everyone is to benefit from all the experience on offer and our focus has been to radically overall and streamline procurement, design, delivery, occupation and operation to transform construction.


We believe only through mutual benefit and accountability can better outcomes be achieved in a more enjoyable and fulfilling way for all stakeholders including the whole supply chain.

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  • We engage all key parties from the onset to utilise the required skills and capabilities to enable digitally integrated solutions that are efficient, effective, realistic and achievable.

  • Clients, funders and key stakeholders have an inclusive role throughout the IPI process to ensure that their needs are clearly identified and are met, with no surprises.

  • Design and delivery communities are included to ensure that conceptual thinking and practical application work in unison to create innovation within the cost parameters of the client’s budget.


  • Clients benefit from superior facilities delivered faster, at a lower outturn cost and more predictably than other methods. Such facilities can be more sustainable, easier to maintain, faster to update, award winning or simply functional.

  • Practitioners will benefit from being able to input the full extent of their skills and capabilities to positively affect the outcomes whilst being paid fairly and predictably in a no-blame environment and where success is collectively rewarded.

  • Individuals benefit from working in a respectful, enjoyable and fulfilling environment where trust and honesty are primary behaviours. The exposure to new ideas and methods learnt from their peers, leads to personal growth and development within a safe place to challenge each other.


  • All those who use, operate or maintain facilities, infrastructure and services.

  • All those who are part of the community that provides these facilities whether they are mainstream or on the periphery.

  • All those in society who need facilities to live, work, rest and play to lead profitable, sustainable and fulfilling lives from cradle to grave.


  • We build integrated teams, bringing together all specialisms across the industry to collaborate in delivering the needs of the client and end users.

  • To optimise this, we have built a revolutionary IPI delivery model that encompasses our alliance contract and specially developed Integrated Project Insurance.

  • These in combination, allow us to successfully facilitate, manage and build complex projects to satisfy client needs that are not normally met.

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