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IPInitiatives is formed of a team that has some 140 years of experience across all sectors of the construction industry and as such we complement each other's thinking and that of our clients and partners too. Martin worked extensively for tier 2 supply chain, Louise in main contracting and Kevin in the client sector (both public and private) . We have all been in consultancy for many years now and share one key passion - we think the industry can perform a lot better!

We are all absolutely passionate about ensuring collaborative working is given the best opportunity to achieve what we know it can. With this in mind, we help and train teams to work better together, have developed the Integrated Project Insurance (IPI) Model included in the Government Construction Strategy and have worked tirelessly to do our bit to change and improve our industry. We are not afraid of taking part in serious debates, inspiring leaders and teams to make the best decisions possible for project and business outcomes. Get in touch if you think we can assist you.

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I am passionate about our Business IPInitiatives.


As an ex design/project manager, I find the disjointed mechanisms driven into our industry by the need to offload risk completely mad.

The urge to procure specialists in line with a construction programme is unworkable if you want the right project outcomes. Projects need to be reviewed from day one by all designers, specialists, cost managers, deliverers and end users - we need them to finalise the design so why not bring them in when we are merely considering solutions. That is what the IPI Alliance Model does!


I love people and people watching and have studied numerous ways and methods of getting the best from individuals and a team. I love coaching and inspiring people to think and do things differently and mostly to be the best that they can be.

Problem solving is a key skill and is very rewarding. I hate the waste that is embedded in the industry and I’d love us all to think more sustainably and in a way that means that the users of the buildings we produce get the best environments possible.


Inclusivity and respect for all

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Louise has worked in the tier 1 contracting side of industry at board level, has been involved with Constructing Excellence in the development of the CIRIA Supply Chain Management and integrated working training modules. She has implemented supply chain management into various companies and procured and trained framework partners to work better together. In most instances in the early 2000s she ran behavioural selection processes in many major procurement infrastructure and schools frameworks. She has been training and coaching integration and collaboration in the industry for the last 18 years.

Using that experience, Louise now takes on two specific roles within the IPI alliance over 3 projects and in excess of £58m worth of spend – that of the Alliance Manager – reacting to the project and Alliance Board’s needs, also the role of Independent Facilitator. Both are massively rewarding roles and in particular, some of the “youngsters” Louise started working in 2012 with now hold senior positions within their own businesses citing working with the IPI team giving them the confidence to interact with all differing businesses in a different way. A huge personal reward to see people grow!


My motivation is finding simple solutions to complex problems. Superficial solutions come easily; lasting solutions take time. When these solutions are put to the test, I find fulfilment if they work; if they fail, it’s back to first principles to find the cause and remedy it – another fulfilling challenge.


The traditional contractual structures in the construction industry are founded on social inequality and a regime which loads risk upon those least able to bear it. Alliancing cuts through this, and by creating insurance backed alliancing we have found a way to bring equality, security and fairness to all members of our industry.


Our younger generation – such as those in Apprenticeships, Further Education Colleges and Universities – cannot understand why construction should still be so fragmented, confrontational and inefficient. By spreading the word about genuine collaboration under alliancing we will attract this precious resource into our teams and thereby expedite the ability to improve our processes with digital technology.

To see our industry transformed in this way will be my dream come true.

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Martin, a Classics graduate from Cambridge University spent his career in the engineering sector of the construction industry, initially in the power sector and then as Commercial Director and also Vice Chairman of a Tier 2 M&E contractor.

Having had his fill of the disasters caused by flawed procurement, he has worked with colleagues in the construction and insurance industries to eradicate their causes. As a member of the CASEC/SEC Group Board he has been involved in many Industry activities: Joint Contracts Tribunal; Prisons Building Board of HMG Home Office - non-executive director; Construction Management Forum; and “The Role of the Specialist Contractor”. In this last paper – which was twice referenced in the Latham Report “Constructing the Team” – he identified how savings of 25% could be achieved by early involvement of the specialist contractor. He was also chair for the Reading Construction Forum report “Unlocking Specialist Potential”.

Following publication of Sir John Egan’s Report “Rethinking Construction” he became a member of the Movement for Innovation Board; member of the Strategic Forum for Construction; and chair of the Forum’s Integration Steering Group. He is co-founder of the “IPI model” which gained recognition in the Government Construction Strategy 2011 and for which he is now “IPI Mentor”, reporting to the Cabinet Office.


I am passionate about the role facilities and infrastructure play in improving society and people’s lives. I love being associated with construction and as a change agent who hates waste and inefficiency, I’m driven to improve its performance.  More importantly having experienced high performing teamwork, I know it is people who make things happen and the more effectively they collaborate, the more they can achieve. 


I believe everyone matters and only through exploring different perspectives can the best outcomes be achieved.  I am an advocate of inclusivity and I care deeply that people are given the opportunity, including being stretched and challenged, to succeed and achieve personal growth, enjoyment and fulfilment; it’s all about balance.

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Kevin Thomas is a coach, mentor, facilitator and change agent.  He is a founding Director of IPInitiatives and co-creator of the IPI Delivery Model. 


As a former public and private sector client, Kevin has a wealth of experience in built environment design, construction, operation and regeneration from board level strategy to hands on project and facilities management. 


Kevin created the award winning ‘FUSION’ approach for Glaxo in the early 90’s, led the development of the Strategic Forum’s Integration Toolkit in the 00’s and has been Chair/Coach of the Constructing Excellence Collaborative Working Champions (now Mentors) since their formation in 2003.

PHIL SIMS (Associate)

I believe that collaboration begins with having the right set of values, behaviours and skills to be an effective team. Aligned to a clear and compelling vision for a project, team members will be engaged and motivated to perform to their best with a focus on common objectives.


I enjoy supporting the development of these teams, observing the synergy and trust developing between team members as they contribute their individual skills and expertise for the benefit of a common purpose and ‘best for project’ solutions.


I am passionate about utilising my own experience and knowledge to mentor and coach people and teams in collaborating effectively, enhancing performance and demonstrating the successful project outcomes and personal satisfaction that can be achieved.

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Phil is an ICF qualified coach and an Insights Discovery licenced practitioner.


Having worked for over 25 years in the construction industry with tier 1 contracting organisations, Phil gained a wealth of experience in senior leadership positions establishing and growing new business units, developing and leading multi-disciplinary teams, and forming collaborative client and supply chain relationships.

This included the successful delivery of a range of education, healthcare and regeneration projects adopting the partnering ethos and promoting a collaborative project team approach with common goals.

Phil has specialised in creating and implementing growth strategies and delivery plans, working with businesses to set and manage success objectives and financial forecasts, implementing improvement targets and team effectiveness development plans.

Phil is passionate about working with teams to enable them to realise their potential, enhance performance and achieve their aspirations through coaching and mentoring support.

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