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FUSION is one of the forerunners to IPI.  It was developed by Kevin in the 90’s during his time at Glaxo.  The interactive PDF guide explains the philosophy and behaviours and is a useful resource for anyone trying to achieve collaborative working.

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Trust & Money Model


Martin created the ‘Trust & Money’ model in 1999 and introduced it via the Partnering Working Group of the Movement for Innovation. The model was based on a ‘virtual company’ within which the financial interests of all key consultants, contractors and specialist contractors were aligned with the objectives of the client. There was a collective reward for meeting the objectives, with pre-agreed shares and a ‘no blame’ agreement backed by a single professional indemnity insurance for the project.

Intergration toolkit.png

Integration Toolkit


Kevin led the team who developed the integration toolkit for the Strategic Forum for Construction on which Martin was a Board Member.  Built from the experiences of many of the leading projects in the preceding decade, such as FUSION, Building Down Barriers, Heathrow Express and Terminal Five, the toolkit was launched in 2003 to provide direction and guidance for those trying to create integrated project teams or supply chains and optimise performance by applying both in collaboration.  Kevin and Martin oversaw an update of the toolkit in 2015.

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The Business Case for Collaborative Working

(the more collaborative you are the better your outcomes)


The Integration Task Group was formed by the Strategic Forum to encourage the uptake of integrated Collaborative Working in 2007.  As part of this working group Kevin and Martin undertook an analysis of the successes of 14 key projects that had collected the data and created the business case documents (case summary and self-appraisal tools) launched in 2010 under the banner of “Are You There Yet?”.

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IBA Prospectus


The Advance II project was undertaken under the rigour of academic scrutiny by the University of Reading Construction School.  As joint facilitators, Louise and Kevin fed back learning to Martin who drafted the prospectus, an honest and open appraisal of the Advance II project successes and challenges.  The prospectus was published in 2018.

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Modern Collaborative Working


Kevin in his role as Chair and Coach of the Collaborative Working Champions (now Mentors) of Constructing Excellence, produced a series of blogs with the support of the Champions in 2019. This series updated the thinking on what is necessary to achieve collaborative working some 25 years after its introduction.  These blogs have been consolidated into one easy to use summary.

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