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Joanne Lacey, Derry Building Services

Open communication on site, with all opinions being considered and voices equally heard facilitates professional relationships and removes tension, or animosity sometimes experienced between different trades.  Joanne Lacey Derry Building Services

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Alexander Garwood-Gowers, Speller Metcalfe

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Lowell Williams, Dudley College (Principal for Advance II ).

Quite early on everyone around the table knew it wasn’t going to fall to pieces. Even when we were at critical points of decision-making there was an underlying commitment to the success of the project, underpinned by the model itself. That’s the first test, and then the result of this test is the alliance held together, I don’t think it would have worked without Kevin or without Louise.

Mike Murray.jpg

Mike Murray, Fulcro Metz

A lot of the learning is looking at negative things [and] I think that’s quite common but I just think, to put it into context, it’s been a really exciting experience.

The suppliers have the chance to influence positive change in the design, enabling them to provide their expertise as to where things can go wrong and how quality can be best achieved. By helping with the design of a system they are expert at installing, it increases quality, decreases time and costs.

James Blood.jpg

James Blood, Fulcro Metz (now Stephen George + Partners)

My personal development as a result of this project was huge, as I was exposed to lots of areas that I usually wouldn’t have been, and it has, without doubt, made me a better design professional as a result. In my opinion IPI is the enabler to the true efficiencies that BIM & digital can bring in our industry - more projects should be using it

Tony Shaw.jpg

Tony Shaw, Speller Metcalfe

There is a wealth of knowledge sitting around the Advance II table, but this has been a real learning experience for many of us.


University of Reading report on the Advance II trial

The Facilitators were integral participants at Board meetings, contributing more vocally at meetings than the researcher and advising and guiding the team on best practices when working in an IPI way. As project work progressed, certain issues became more problematic for the Alliance than others, such as agreeing an overall procurement strategy, establishing a collective understanding of risk and opportunity management and re-stating behavioural expectations for project participants.  These provided the main focus of the facilitated interventions.

Carol Costello.jpg

Carol Costello, Practice Leader, Cullinan Studio

For design consultants, IPI offers opportunity to make real change toward better procurement. There are real advantages, such as being chosen for capability and collaboration skills rather than lowest fee, and then being paid for what you do as long as you play your part in controlling the overall budget. Early supply chain engagement informs the design and reduces wasteful processes leaving more funds for a quality building.

Belinda Morgan.jpg

Belinda Morgan, Partner, Cundall

The big benefit for us as MEP consultant on an IPI contract, is the collaboration with the supply chain. We work very closely with the MEP sub-contractor to the point where the cross-over from design to install has no boundaries. The Project Insurance means that we have joint responsibilities & negates the need to protect your own individual PII. It allows us as consultants to focus on what we do best, & for the sub-contractor to bring in their supply chain to address the systems that they are best to cover. This results in maximum resource efficiency & delivering the absolute best solution for the Project


Steve Johnson, Executive Director of Estates and Capital Projects

We were never trying to save money, we were trying to get the best value for the money we were spending and not be presented with a post project bill – to close down the risk of cost overrun, cost dispute…The quality of the building for what we spent is super, brilliant...It’s probably the best quality building we’ve got per pound, per square metre.

Press Comments

Housing Forum 30 May 2018


Integrated Project Insurance (IPI) is one of the new models of alliancing procurement which we are watching with interest, particularly around the application of modern methods of construction (MMC) though its use to date has been limited. Our view is that IPI not only provides the basis for integrated team working, it potentially can provide the basis for a more sustainable financial model for construction companies, while reducing project costs

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