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IPI Licensing 

IPInitiatives developed the concept of Insurance Backed Alliancing and the IPI (Integrated Project Insurance) Model to facilitate wholesale change in UK construction for all those who similarly share our views that current models are not delivering the value industry and government requires from them. As such we believe it is incumbent on IPInitiatives to steward uptake of the IPI Model until it becomes established.

The unique insurance will only be offered by the underwriters to those licensees who are supported by an appropriate number of authorised providers and accredited/IPI  practitioners in key roles.  This will maximise the likelihood of value being achieved for the licensees and their partners and suppliers.  In addition, a check will be made on any amendments to the standard

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contract form to ensure they do not compromise the principles of the model or insurance arrangements.

Clients seeking to use the model (with or without IPInitiatives) can review our list below to talk to businesses in design and delivery including key specialist supplier below. We hope that many more businesses will take up the training options to gain accreditation in the coming year. 

In summary the licensing arrangements are as follows:

(companies listed against individuals were correct at time of award October 2022,  but the status belongs to the individual)


Authorised Provider 

Is an organisation that has undergone awareness training and 360 deg. peer assessment on an IPI Model project and where required undertaken appropriate supplementary training.  Where an Authorised Provider is to be an Alliance Partner (board level), they will be expected to put forward at least three Practitioners, one of whom is Accredited, to participate on any IPI project for which they are appointed. 

IPI Practitioner 

Are individuals who have undertaken practitioner training covering key aspects of the model set up and operation and who have demonstrated the necessary aptitude for IPI. This includes 360 deg. assessment and one-to-one feedback before IPI Practitioner status can be awarded.

Accredited Practitioner 

Are individuals who have undertaken in depth training in modules covering management and operation of the IPI Model and contract. In addition to 360 deg. assessment and one-to-one feedback, they will have been mentored in a live IPI project environment. Accredited Practitioners are trusted to undertake roles which require a detailed understanding of how the model works; notably Alliance Board Member, Alliance Manager, Alliance Cost Manager and lead roles in the Integrated Project Team (IPT) including design, commercial and delivery management, digital coordination, programme and logistics integration.

Project Licensee 

Is an organisation licensed to be the Employer under the IPI contract.  They will pay an initial fee to receive the IPI Alliance Contract, supporting tools and documentation. This will include in house introductory training on the workings of the IPI Model and contract including Q&A with the creators.  Further training will enable the organisation to achieve licensee status and apply the model to their project with access to an expert mentoring panel.

Authorised Providers

Baumann Lyons Architects Ltd

Core Creative

Cullinan Studio

Cundall Building Services - Birmingham 

Derry Building Services

Dudley College of Technology

Fulcro Engineering Services Ltd

J&P Construction (Midlands) Ltd

Roskel - Solihull

Traditional Structures Ltd

Speller Metcalfe (Wolverhampton)

Allglass Systems

IPI Practitioners
Accredited Practitioners

Stephen Bates - Traditional Structures

Charlie Blackham - J&P Construction 

James Blood - Stephen George

Ben Coope - DBS

Peter Evans - Allglass

Hannah Fox - Bowes Museum

Rachel Franklin - DBS

Alex Garwood Gower - Speller Metcalfe

Ben Holmes - Cavish groundworks

Emma Hooper - Bond Bryan Digital

Ian Horton - Roskel

Aneel Loi - Cundall

Joe Marlow - Stephen George

Ian Mylotte - Walsh

Glynn Sanaghan - IBMS

Harbinder Singh - Cundall

Matt Ashby - DBS

Hannah Fox - The Bowes Museum

Simon Cash - Artelia 

Carol Costello - Cullinan Studio 

Ian Dacre - RBS

Sarah Hawkins - Fulcro 

Peter Inglis - Cullinan Studio 

Steve Johnson - Dudley College

Joanne Lacey - DBS

Rob Lashford - Speller Metcalfe

Jonathan Mason - Gleeds

Gregg Matthews - DBS

Belinda Morgan - Cundall

Scott Parton - Vinci

Richard Pulford - Cullinan Studio

Lawrence Stainsby - Traditional Structures

Tom Vigar - Baumann Lyons

Mike Murray - Fulcro

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